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Tatari presents a unique understanding of Is­lam, rooted in the rich tradition of Islamic history and scholarship, as well as contempo­rary exegeses of the Qur’an. The word Muslim is commonly used like a brand name: One is either a Muslim or not. In this book, Tatari expounds on the literal meaning of being a Muslim, which is the verbal noun submitter. She explains that one is a submitter (aka. Muslim) if and when she is surrendering her mind, heart, and actions to God’s will. The book engages all intellectuals who seek a deeper knowledge of Islam. It offers insights into the worldview presented by Islam to common theological, spiritual, and social is­sues and existential questions.

“Reading this book is like sitting down to have a cup of tea with Eren. The work is in a category all its own; it is neither an academic survey of Islamic theology nor an attempt to seek converts. Instead, Eren patiently shares precious jewels of wisdom gleaned from the Islamic tradition to readers of all back­grounds. It is my hope that readers will not focus on the theological differences they may ind ̀between their own beliefs and Islam, but instead open their hearts to the book’s uni­versal message to love and submit to God.”

Clare Corado

Author Eren Tatarı
About the Author Dr. Eren Tatari is an Assistant Professor of Political Sci¬ence at Rollins College, FL. She completed her Ph.D. at Indiana University and her M.A. from Purdue University. She received a B.A. from Franklin and Marshall College, PA in Government and Economics. Her teaching and re¬search focus on Islam and Muslims in the West.
Dimensions 6 x 9 inches
Format paperback
Pages 176 pages

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